Thursday, May 12, 2005

No problem here, you racists

The South African minister says the outrage on the black takeover of white farms is racist.
"This whole hullabaloo is about black people are taking land from white people. There is an element of racism," the minister said. She stressed that South Africa believed in a more orderly way of land redistribution. "In South Africa we are going through a process of buying back land. We believe these things must be done in this orderly fashion. "

AH, that's the point, it's NOT being done in an ordelry fashion...

However, South Africa would not police Zimbabwe. "This is not how we conduct our relations. When it rains there is a border between us, when there is no rain there is no border. So we know the problems of Zimbabwe better than anyone," the minister said.

She said if Zimbabwe should collapse Britain, the US or the EU would not be affected. "South Africa will be affected. If there is a crisis, even the white people will have to cross over to South Africa to get flights to Britain."

Problem one: The "white farms" produced most of the produce for the cities. Like Stalin throwing out the Kulaks, or the Czar throwing out the Jews, the dirty little story of history is that if you get rid of the most productive people in the country, especially the most productive farmers the result is economic collapse and /or starvation.

Second problem: Unlike here in the Philippines, where our family's large land was given to our tenant farmers and we were allowed only to keep a few hectacres each, in Zimbabwe the land is being taken from the white farmers and given in small plots to the farm workers but to Mubage's thugs, who can't run large farms.

Problem three: If there is economic collapse, white farmers can leave. But in many small villages, people will die. But of course they won't be white people, but black people. Who's the racist here?

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