Monday, May 09, 2005

Spying on the opposition

There is no secret that Mugabe is murdering the opposition, not to mention preventing food aid to areas that oppose him...which is why he got 70 percent of the "honest" election (If the election was completely dishonest, he would have gotten 99 percent, like Saddam Hussein).

Ah, but although there is no money for food (except for cronies) the Scotsman reports that there is plenty of money to buy advanced spying and wiretapping equipment from China and Cuba to prevent the news from getting out.

My friends write nothing about politics...because they know the letters are opened. Now they are monitoring both news going in and the internet...

First to suffer is a popular UK-based shortwave radio station that sends out anti-Mugabe stories to Zimbabwe seven days a week. The independent radio station, SW Radio Africa, has been experiencing jamming problems all this year from transmitters installed in the Zimbabwean Midlands.

The station’s founder, Gerry Jackson, flies to Nairobi, Kenya, next week to pick up the International Press Institute’s Free Media Pioneer Award for courageous journalism.

"Mugabe will do anything to stop the truth being heard in Zimbabwe," she says.

Hi-tech bugging includes updated versions of pirated Israeli-made equipment which enters Zimbabwe through Cuba. It’s a copy of the sophisticated equipment Mossad uses to spy on Palestinians.

Wilf Mbanga, who edits the new weekly paper, the Zimbabwean, said: "The plan is to tap all landlines belonging to anyone of importance or prominence in Zimbabwe."

After this year’s general election Mugabe told party hardliners that he had turned again to the East.

On Independence Day (April 18), to cheers from party loyalists, he said: "We are returning to the days when our greatest friends were the Chinese. We look again to the East, where the sun rises, and no longer to the West, where it sets."

Well, my friends say there are no computers at the local high schools anyway, let alone internet...but if there were, you could be sure that they would be monitored...

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