Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tsavngirai crash: Not an accident?

From the UKTelegraph:

photo from the AP

Movement for Democratic Change leaders in South Africa said they suspected the head on collision with a lorry which left prime minister Mr Tsvangirai injured and his wife Susan dead was not a genuine accident.

Rumours that the fatal incident was a botched assassination attempt spread quickly in the country which has a history of political killings.

It is understood that the couple were travelling to a rally in his hometown of Buhera yesterday afternoon when their car was hit on a road south of the capital Harare by a freight truck travelling in the opposite direction. Local reports said the driver of the truck had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Susan Tsvangirai died at the scene and her husband was taken to hospital with minor injuries, where he was visited by Mr Mugabe. The couple been married for 31 years and had six children. ...

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