Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mukoro --an untold story of suffering

from the ZimbabweTimes:


For three weeks (Jestina Mukoro's) whereabouts and circumstances remained unknown. Relatives feared she was dead. Then she was suddenly brought to court on the eve of Christmas on Wednesday, December 24, 2008. She was then detained in Harare’s notorious Chikurubi Maximum Prison. Although she had been tortured and was in dire need of medical treatment her jailers denied her access to medical treatment outside prison.

On Monday she tried her best to smile and exchange pleasantries with journalists, but something had clearly died inside her.

“I just want to concentrate on my health now and I will talk to the media in the coming weeks,” she said while forcing a smile.

Her physical appearance is a far cry from the beaming face that millions around the world had become accustomed to from seeing pictures of her that were shot before her ordeal and were posted on many websites after her abduction...

Mukoko is the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), an organisation which was formed after the 2000 elections by a group of church organisations and NGOs with an interest in human rights and peace-building initiatives.

It was later to become a vehicle for civic interventions in a time of political crisis. ZPP monitored and documented incidents of human rights violations and politically-motivated violence....

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