Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dealing with Zim's shameful Guantanamos

from the African Executive

It is no secret that beyond the Zanu PF façade, real political power lies within the military and the deadly spy organization, the CIO. ...

These Guantanamo’s come in three forms: Firstly, they are unknown locations holding political prisoners of war, where perceived enemies of Mugabe are being tortured endlessly. It is a war declared by Mugabe on the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Secondly Zimbabwe’s Guantanamos are dangerous dysfunctional prisons where ‘inmates’ go to die. Many activists such as Jestina Mukoko, continue to suffer behind bars facing trumped-up charges. If the new government decides to keep these Guantanamo’s open, then they must be occupied by qualified residents who happen to be Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs who for decades shamelessly killed, looted and raped Zimbabwe. ...

The third Guantanamo is Zimbabwe’s security apparatus (which I prefer to call security insurgents)....

The nation still mourns them, especially the likes of Tonderai Ndira, Joshua Bakacheza, Tichaona Chiminya, Tapiwa Mbwada, etc.

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