Monday, March 23, 2009

SAMinister;West must drop sanctions

from the UK Guardian

South Africa's most respected politician has told the west that democracy can only succeed in Zimbabwe if Britain, the EU and the US reverse their restrictive aid policies against Robert Mugabe's regime.

The finance minister Trevor Manuel used an interview with the Observer to demand that Britain and other donors urgently inject cash into Zimbabwe's treasury rather than give it exclusively to foreign humanitarian agencies.

translation: Give money to the government to be diverted into Grace's shopping sprees.

Tsvangirai and several ministers from the Movement for Democratic Change were sworn in over a month ago. But faced with a bankrupt treasury, they are struggling to raise the £35m-a-month payroll for the country's civil servants, as well as for the politically-crucial police and army.

Britain, which spends £45m on humanitarian aid in Zimbabwe every year, maintains the government is too corrupt to merit direct aid. Other donors share Britain's position and the EU and US have sanctions in place....

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