Monday, March 30, 2009

Economic recovery tied to political rebirth

from the Times (SA)

EDITORIAL: PRESIDENT Kgalema Motlanthe will today chair a Southern African Development Community meeting aimed at formulating an economic recovery programme for Zimbabwe....

Given South Africa’s recent track record on human rights — barring the Dalai Lama from visiting — it would not be surprising if this delegation believes it can separate Zimbabwe’s economic recovery from its political rebirth.

But that would be a big mistake....

Zimbabwe has a power-sharing government, but this beast of compromise is a poor substitute for the real thing — a democratically elected government with parliamentary institutions that can function freely and fairly.

Without this airing of the cupboards of power, not all the money that is poured into Zimbabwe will find its way to rebuilding the economy and there can be little faith by international funders and donors that their money is not going to fund the avaricious cronies who drove Zimbabwe into the dirt while living the high life under Robert Mugabe....

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