Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Susan Tsvangirai obituary

from the UKGuardian


A deeply religious woman committed to the alleviation of poverty and HIV/Aids, she ran a soup kitchen from her own home in Harare. Though she often accompanied her husband to political events, she rarely spoke publicly: when she did, her personal charm proved very effective.

Perhaps to distract herself from fears about her family, she set up the Comfort, or Nyaradzo Trust, the Shona word being taken from her middle name. Subsequently renamed the Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai Foundation, it aims to help Zimbabweans, particularly women and children. She wanted "to not only feed them but teach them to feed themselves. Return normality to children's lives. Seeing them playing in the parks, going to school. The way things used to be in this beautiful country. Help get things back to what they were, and make them even better if time permits."...

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