Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PM says it was an accident

from SWRadioAfrica


He told mourners gathered at his Strathaven home: "When something happens, there is always speculation, but I want to say in this case, if there was any foul play, it was one in a thousand.”
"It was an accident and unfortunately it took her life.' He said: "We know that we shall all die, but let's celebrate the life of Susan because we have gone through trials and tribulations together."
George Sibotshiwe a former aide of the MDC President told SW Radio Africa that the MDC was ruling out nothing. He said that ‘it’s impossible for us to say we rule out foul play.’ Sibotshiwe believes the accident could have been prevented if the MDC leader had been given proper security. He said ZANU PF still has not returned Tsvangirai’s bullet proof vehicle, which they confiscated last March during the election period. “

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