Friday, September 05, 2008

Why Mutambara joined Mugabe

from Zimdaily:

Part of the deal is that the former student leader was guaranteed by Mugabe the position of deputy prime minister as well as appointment into parliament of his faction's secretary general Welshman Ncube and his deputy, Priscilla Mishairabwi Mushonga.

In return, the Mutambara faction pledged to support Mugabe's proposed power structure that effectively puts Tsvangirai into a merely ceremonial position of prime minister.

In addition, Mutambara was also hired by Mugabe to join and help him in taking an anti-Tsvangirai and anti-west stance characterised by lashing out at the aged dictator's perceived enemies.....

Mutambara has already embarked on that mission and lately been on a warpath against the west as well as taking every opportunity to demean the person and leadership of Tsvangirai....

Mugabe offered him the position of deputy prime minister in return for support of his policies and proposed power sharing arrangement which Tsvangirai has been rejecting," an official directly involved in the talks efforts stated.

Zimdaily confirmed through a top source, whose identity we cannot reveal, that the proposed power structure that Tsvangirai has been refusing to sign has Mutambara as the deputy prime minister, with of course Tsvangirai as the prime minister but both reporting to Mugabe.....

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