Sunday, September 14, 2008

MDC seeks control over Economy, Police

from Reuters, Africa

HARARE, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's opposition MDC wants to head the home affairs, justice and finance ministries under a landmark power-sharing deal agreed with President Robert Mugabe, an opposition official said on Saturday.

The three portfolios would give it control over the police and prisons, and responsibility for rescuing an economy reeling from the world's highest rate of hyper-inflation, more than 11 million percent.

In return, the MDC is ready to agree to leave Mugabe's ZANU-PF in charge of other key power ministries.

"Mugabe can have the defence and state security ministries but the MDC should get the home affairs ministry, that is our position, along with the finance portfolio," the opposition official said.

"The reasoning is that security ministries should be shared and ZANU-PF is agreeable to that and for the MDC to have the finance ministry....

translation: The Military and others won't get prosecuted for their crimes against the Zimbabwean people...but since the alternative would be civil war (with the military having the guns) it is a good compromise.

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