Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mugabe asks west to lift sanctions

from Reuters, Africa.

Usual Mugabe complaints (poor Grace needs to shop....must lift sanctions)...

The important part is at the end:

"...The deal with Tsvangirai and the head of a breakaway opposition faction followed weeks of tense negotiations to end a political crisis compounded by the veteran leader's disputed and unopposed re-election in a widely condemned vote in June.

Under the deal, Mugabe retains the presidency and chairs the cabinet while Tsvangirai becomes prime minister, chairing a council of ministers supervising the cabinet.

Mugabe, interviewed by, said he was firm in that his party's allocation of cabinet portfolios must include four key ministries, which he described as "the security ones plus foreign affairs and local government."

He insisted he would remain on top in the new governing arrangement. "I am at the top as the constitution makes me head of state and head of government," he said...."

Translation: Mugabe says: Tsvangirai took a Sucker deal...I still run the place...

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