Friday, September 05, 2008

ZINWA must go

From the Zimbabwean:

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) maintains that the city council must reclaim total control of the water supply and sewer reticulation management from the bankrupt Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA). The water and sewer crisis bedeviling the once sun shining city of Harare is a direct result of ZINWA’s general incapacity to effectively execute the mammoth task of providing water to the residents. Recently the ‘Deputy Minister’ of Water and infrastructural development issued a statement that his ‘Ministry’ will engage the city council to address the water and sewer crisis. CHRA reasserts its position that ZINWA has failed and the city council must take charge now!....


From SWRadioAfrica:

The Combined Harare Residents Association has called for the Zimbabwe National Water Authority to hand over control of water supply and sewer reticulation management to the Harare city council.

It comes after one person died and almost 30 more people have been hospitalised this week following an outbreak of cholera in the crowded Harare township, Chitungwiza. It’s understood the outbreak occurred on Monday after weeks that saw an increasing number of chronic diarrhoea reports, as a result of a failing clean water system and numerous sewage spills that have contaminated the city’s water reservoirs.

The country’s ongoing political and economic crisis has seen the almost total collapse of infrastructure in the once thriving Zimbabwean cities. The deteriorating water and sewerage systems have led to a number of cholera outbreaks in recent years. Zimbabwe Water Authority officials have said the situation is constrained by costs, poor funding and frequent power cuts, which mean that water cannot be properly purified, if at all....

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