Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mugabe won't be prosecuted

from the LATImes

HARARE, ZIMBABWE -- Zimbabwe's new prime minister said President Robert Mugabe could not be held accountable for the political violence during his 28-year rule but that others might face prosecution in the future....

The deal leaves in question whether Mugabe will dominate the new government and how Tsvangirai will work with bitter opponents in the long-ruling ZANU-PF. Many likely members of the Cabinet, which will be divided between the ruling party and the former opposition, are hostile to the new prime minister; some were responsible for past violence against his colleagues and supporters.

Tsvangirai desperately needs to attract Western aid to rebuild the shattered country. Critics are questioning why Tsvangirai signed the accord without knowing who will control the security forces and which Cabinet posts his party will get...

He acknowledged that Western governments were cautious because the deal left Mugabe as president. But he asked them to recognize the accord as a positive step and support it, "because they were supporting the democratic struggle in the country."

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