Thursday, March 15, 2007

Zimbabwe Army rewarded with drugs?

The Zimbabwean Pundit writes that drugged soldiers brutalized Tsvangirai in a regime where "crack Commando" may have a whole new meaning. (BTW Morgan Tsvangirai has a "cracked skull" according to Reuters)

A crack Commando unit based at the army’s Cranborne Barracks in Harare was responsible for the brutal torture of Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition leaders on Sunday, according to a police officer who witnessed the assault. ...

"They (soldiers) were dressed in police uniform and had bloodshot eyes. They told us they were police officers, but I managed to identify them as Commandos because of the green army belts they were wearing on top of the uniforms.

It is uncertain whether the key recognition feature of Mugabe's commandos were their green belts or the bloodshot eyes. In any case their status entitles them to a special grade of marijuana when going on extraordinary perilous beating missions.

Only commandoes wear those. One of them announced that they had smoked a special grade of marijuana for the special mission. I witnessed the whole incident. Police officers from Machipisa were not involved. We were stunned at the ruthlessness. "They were shouting and telling Tsvangirai that they could kill him on that night and nothing would happen to them," said the officer. The police officer said the beatings started at 11.45pm and lasted for more than two hours.

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