Saturday, March 31, 2007

ZANU-PF endorses Mugabe Reelection

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF party on Friday nominated President Robert Mugabe as candidate for a national presidential election expected next year.

If Mugabe wins the 2008 poll as many political analysts predict he most likely will do, he will rule until 2014 to complete 34 years at the helm.

With the United Nations estimating the average life span of Zimbabweans at 34 years, many of Mugabe’s compatriots born around 1980 when he first assumed power would probably die with him the only leader they will have ever known.

Senior ZANU PF officials who attended the party’s central committee meeting that endorsed Mugabe as presidential candidate said political commissar Elliot Manyika nominated the President saying he was the “only candidate and there was no one else”.

“Immediately, without anyone seconding the nomination, the whole room erupted into song, dance and ululating with many delegates repeatedly chanting Gushungo! Gushungo! (Mugabe’s totem),” said a central committee member who spoke to ZimOnline on condition he was not named.

“There was not even debate on the matter, it was well choreographed so much that whoever may have wanted to oppose Mugabe’s nomination did not stand a chance,” added the central committee member.

While the delegates were working themselves into a frenzy singing praises to Mugabe, the 83-year old President then rose to his feet and clapping hands to acknowledge the boisterous support from the floor, he then victoriously marched out of the conference room - on his way to lunch!

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