Friday, March 30, 2007

A current and future Zimbabwe

"...Two powerful factions within the ruling party want Mugabe out of office. These factions take credit for defeating Mugabe’s 2010 project. The more powerful of the two is led by retired general Solomon Mujuru, whose wife, Joyce, is one of Mugabe’s vice-presidents. A year ago, this faction was on the ascendancy, but has clearly fallen out of favour, as evidenced by Mugabe’s attack on the Mujurus’ ambitions.

The flavour of the moment is the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led faction, which suffered a major reversal of fortunes following the Tsolotsho incident in 2004. Now Mugabe, as part of a divide and rule tactic, is making this faction believe it is his preferred heir. It would be political folly for the Mnangagwa camp to derive a false sense of comfort from Mugabe’s political embrace. He will dump them as soon as they become a real threat and once he is secure again. Make no mistake, politics in Zimbabwe is about Mugabe and nothing else.

And Mugabe has his own faction fighting for his survival, in the top echelons of the army, the police and the intelligence services. It must be noted, however, that there are deep divisions within the middle and lower ranks of the uniformed forces which mirror the three factions in the party.

Two things are instructive as Zimbabweans ponder the way forward. The first of these is that the defeat of Mugabe’s 2010 project was delivered by forces for change within Zanu-PF and had little to do with pressure from the opposition or the international community. Secondly, the weakness of the opposition MDC, unfortunate as it is, removed an outside threat for Zanu-PF, focusing the party on internal dynamics and causing deep divisions and the realisation that Mugabe is the problem. This points to the fact that Zanu-PF’s internal dynamics might be key in finding a way out of Zimbabwe’s crisis and that the MDC might not be the place to look for relief. While this is an unpopular view it is a pragmatic one, informed by the current weakness of the MDC and the potential offered by reformers in the ruling party.

Equally important is the evidence that Zimbabwe’s problems are far bigger than Zanu-PF and the MDC put together. We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that talks between the MDC and Zanu-PF will solve Zimbabwe’s problems. A durable solution requires getting a broad section of Zimbabweans talking to each other about their problems and structuring the future together. This is clearly not a winner-takes-all strategy, but a process of negotiating how Zimbabwe’s future is going to be ordered. For this project to have wider purchase, trade unions, the churches, business and all other civil society players will have to be involved..."

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kenya77 said...

While the situation in Zimbabwe today is appalling and the actions of President Mugabe are high handed and oppressive the west should shut up and stay away from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe would have been a democratic and thriving country had it not been for western interference that has given uncle Bob the cover and the excuse to hang on to power . It is western interference in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe that led to the degeneration of Zimbabwe today.

Instead of engaging the old leader in a respectful and cordial manner, Gay activist had to try and humiliate Mr. Mugabe and the brits had to in their arrogance fail to fulfill land compensation agreements that where part of Zimbabwe’s independence right.

Though the problems in Zimbabwe can be traced to Mr. Mugabe, the British and Australian governments have played a catalytic role in the spiral of Zimbabwe out of control .1. by their shameless interference and neo colonial attitude towards the leadership in Zimbabwe and the refusal to complete the Compensation that was due in the post independent Zimbabwe to ensure the smooth transition of land from white owners to black Zimbabweans , something that the British can not run away from .

Ever so often, Western countries try to rewrite history in their favor but when it comes to the truth, the truth never changes .Robert Mugabe must and should do the honorable thing and allow democracy to thrive in Zimbabwe. However, the west cannot hide behind Democracy in order to achieve their own selfish closet agendas.

The opposition in Zimbabwe(and indeed across africa) must rid itself of Neo colonial influences and put the well-being of Zimbabwe(&Africa) first above all else. The United Kingdom should stay away from African affairs and let Zimbabwe chart her own destiny.

Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans and the West should not feel that they should have a greater say on zim’s affairs. I certainly do not like what is happening in Zimbabwe but it always raises an eyebrow when as an African I see Britain trying to show more concern for Zimbabwe that even Zimbabweans themselves. Stay away from Zimbabwe! Stop giving Mugabe an excuse to run down our brothers.

A Zimbabwe under Mugabe is still far much better than a Zimbabwe under British stooges

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