Saturday, March 17, 2007

Austin Bay reports


Since 2000, StrategyPage has followed Zimbabwe’s decline– here’s the most recent StrategyPage post. (March 14). This one from January 2007 is also useful.

I’ve written several columns — this one is representative. (From February 2002.)
This morning’s Times OnLine has a Ben Macintyre essay that wonders if Mugabe’s close to a tipping point.

Key graf:

For Mugabe, the symbolic image that marks the end may be the photograph of Tsvangirai, emerging from police captivity, head gashed and face swollen, and his wrist broken. Violent suppression of dissent is routine in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. What makes this incident special is the sheer incompetence with which it was inflicted. This was meant to be another obvious warning to Mugabe’s enemies; instead, it has surely emboldened them.

Macintyre is refering to the brutal beating of Morgan Tsvangirai, a leader in Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Changes (MDC — the main opposition group)....

This StrategyPage post from 2006 provides economic background –rather ismal economic background. It discusses Zimbabwe’s currency exchange program....

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