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Mugabe's "green bombers": using youth to terrorize opponents

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Mugabe tells ZANU PF youths to fight back ^

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On News/Activism ^ 07/18/2005 5:47:46 PM CDT · 8 replies · 196+ views

Zim Online ^ | 2005-07-18
Mugabe tells ZANU PF youths to fight back Mon 18 July 2005 MASHONALAND WEST -- President Robert Mugabe at the weekend urged youths of his ruling ZANU PF party to fight back should the opposition become violent. Addressing about 10,000 supporters at Mwami rural business centre, about 240 km north-west of Harare, Mugabe said he could not fathom ZANU PF youths losing in a violent confrontation against their rivals from the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. "There is no way I can take it that some of the ZANU PF youths can be beaten by those from...

Zimbabwe: Youth service to be made mandatory (Mugabe’s military indoctrination camps growing) ^

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On News/Activism ^ 05/04/2005 9:51:31 AM CDT · 13 replies · 364+ views ^ | Last updated: 05/03/2005 21:03:13 | Staff Reporter
THE government said on Tuesday it plans to make its controversial national service programme mandatory for students at all educational institutions from primary schools to universities. State radio said deputy youth minister Savior Kasukuwere toured a training camp for youth militia and said the government is determined to introduce national service that would give all Zimbabwean youths "proper orientation." A BBC film accused President Mugabe of turning youths into political zombies Human rights groups, opposition politicians and some Western governments accuse the government's youth militia, known as the "green bombers" because of their military style uniforms, of being at...

Zimbabwe -- Youths risk thinking like Mugabe, Tekere warns ^

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On News/Activism ^ 12/14/2002 5:52:15 PM CST · 9 replies · 1+ view

Zimbabwe Standard ^ | December 14, 2002 | Itai Dzamara
VETERAN nationalist and former secretary-general of the ruling Zanu PF party, Edgar Tekere, says parents should not permit their children to undergo the discredited national youth service because they may end up thinking like President Mugabe. Tekere, the pioneer of opposition politics after independence, was unequivocal in expressing his disgust over the national youth service programme which is being run under the ministry of youth, gender and employment creation . "Although it is an accepted idea internationally, in our case one Border Gezi (the late minister for gender and employment creation) thought of seizing the opportunity to brainwash youths into...

Zimbabwe -- Mugabe forces youth into militia ^

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On News/Activism ^ 07/02/2002 6:55:54 AM CDT · 7 replies

SAPA-AP via SABC News (SA) | July 2, 2002
Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, plans to make service in his youth militia a prerequisite for high school graduates entering college or the job market, reports said today. The youth militias, aligned with Mugabe's ruling party, were involved in brutal attacks on the opposition during presidential elections in March, human rights groups said. The move is viewed by observers in Zimbabwe as part of Mugabe's efforts to encourage its minority white and Indian populations to leave the country. Mugabe's critics say he has been exacerbating racial tensions in the country in order to deflect attention from the nation's crumbling...

Mugabe moves to indoctrinate Zimbabwe's youth ^

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On News/Activism ^ 01/28/2002 9:15:04 AM CST · 2 replies · 168+ views

Ananova ^ | 01/28/02
Zimbabwe is to make youth service training and indoctrination compulsory. Theopposition claims it is an attempt to create a private army. State radio says all high school graduates will have to undergo youth training in government centres to instill them with "patriotism" and what it described as an unbiased understanding of the country's history. Because of high unemployment, many youngsters have volunteered to join the national youth service where they are paid, fed, and clothed. After almost 22 years in power, President Robert Mugabe, 77, is making every effort to stay in office ahead of forthcoming presidential elections. His ...

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