Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Supermarket petrobombed in Harare

Unknown attackers hurled two petrol bombs at a supermarket in a suburb of the Zimbabwe capital Harare, causing structural damage but no injuries, the official Herald newspaper reported Monday.

The attack on Muchada Supermarket in Harare's low-income Warren Park suburb occurred late Saturday, the Herald said.

Three police stations have been attacked with petrol bombs since then, all blamed on suspected MDC activists. But unconfirmed reports have suggested that one of the incidents - which left two policewomen badly burned - may in fact have been caused by the explosion of a paraffin stove which the women were using to prepare a meal.

In another attack, five people were injured when a passenger train was petrol bombed in Harare on Friday night.

Criminals could also manipulate the situation to carry out criminal activities under the guise of political activity, the prominent church grouping has warned.

Police spokesman Bvudzijena said police have increased patrols in Harare's sprawling low-income suburbs and warned police would use firearms to deal with violent attacks.

"Police have increased patrols in most areas and we are now allowed to use firearms in cases of this nature," Bvudzijena was quoted as saying.

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