Friday, March 30, 2007

An outpost of tyranny


Amid his country’s economic ruin, Mugabe celebrated his birthday this year with a party that cost more than $2.3 million while most Zimbabweans are forced to skip meals. Oblivious to the suffering and poverty in his own country, Mugabe must be eons away from reality. I have to give him credit for being obstinate because he has never taken any responsibility for his country’s problems and he has never stopped blaming the West for the economic and political turmoil.

To call Mugabe, iron-willed is an understatement the more he is criticized the more stubborn he becomes. Leaders from neighboring countries like South Africa and Zambia and members of the African Union have tried to talk some sense into him but he’s not hearing it. Lately some African leaders have even taken to criticizing him, but that hasn’t worked either. Mugabe has steadfastly refused to step down and name a successor. He is flirting with disaster especially if he dies before his term ends, Zimbabwe could end up in a civil war.

‘African leaders run amok’ always create a power vacuum when they die because they share power with no one. They die and all of those simmering conflicts that were kept under control eventually erupt into some kind of violence. We’ve seen this scenario played out all over sub-Saharan Africa between ethnic groups, political parties and neighboring countries. The last thing the continent needs is another civil war. I truly hope this can be avoided because the only people who will suffer will be the Zimbabwean people and they’ve suffered enough under Mugabe’s rule..."

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