Friday, January 09, 2009

What should AFrican journalists do?

from the African Executive:


Whiles reason is adequately found in justifying the war on Zimbabwe by Western media, the thinking by some African journalists in this regard is very appalling. They lack understanding; they have no perspective and obviously no direction. They have joined the west in demonizing Mugabe and Zimbabwe. In fact, they even lack history. But this is just what happens when a purpose driven journalism is absent. At the inauguration of the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's maiden President, could not have struck much sense in his cautioning statement to journalists across the continent when he said:

“We are in a revolutionary period and we must have a revolutionary morality in journalism and all other walks of life. We cannot be neutral between the oppressor and the oppressed; the corrupter and the victim of corruption; between the exploiter and the exploited; between the betrayer and the betrayed. We do not believe that there are necessarily two sides to every question; we see right and wrong; just and unjust; progressive and reactionary; positive and negative; friend and foe. We are partisan!”...

translation: any S.O.B. who goes around shouting "revolution" can do anything but claim he is moral.

So just ignore those fleeing Zimbabwe, starving in Zimbabwe, terrorized in Zimbabwe, or dying of cholera in Zimbabwe.

After all, the NYTimes reporter Duranty managed to overlook 10 million starving Ukraininans because he supported Stalin's revolution, so why can't African reporters do the same?

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