Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grace shops while Zimbabwe falls apart

from the Times (SA)

President Robert Mugabe is vacationing in Malaysia, to where he has also transferred funds.

  • Mugabe takes a long holiday

  • Zimbabwe Special Report

    The Saturday Star newspaper said Mugabe’s wife, Grace - who went with their four children to Malaysia before Christmas - had organised a transfer of 92,000 dollars from Zimbabwe’s central bank.

    Mugabe, who followed on last Monday, was using the vacation for routine health checks, while his personal doctor had also helped organise transfer of personal funds to Malaysia and also Singapore.

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    more on the extended holiday:

    President Robert Mugabe has taken a month’s leave....

    Mugabe, who threatened last week to form a unity government with or without the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, is expected to go abroad — probably to Malaysia — later this week.

    His extended holiday is despite a raging cholera epidemic at home that has claimed more than 1500 lives, an imploding economy that has turned millions of Zimbabweans into refugees and a political power vacuum that has dragged on for several months.

    Mugabe is expected to be back in Zimbabwe early next month.

    It is not known if stalled power- sharing negotiations between the ruling Zanu-PF and the MDC over cabinet posts will continue in the interim, but it seems likely that further discussions about the formation of a unity government will have to wait for Mugabe’s return....

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