Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Security forces on alert country wide

from SWRadioAfrica:

The regime on Monday formally ordered the country’s armed forces to be placed on high alert ‘to prevent the MDC from staging a coup’.
Acting deputy information minister Bright Matongo said the military and police were searching for weapons and ‘suspicious’ people who may be preparing for war. He alleged the MDC were recruiting youths to use as bandits to destabilize the country and topple the regime.
But the MDC’ secretary for security and intelligence, Giles Mutsekwa, rubbished the regime’s allegations and said the move to place troops on high alert had various interpretations linked to internal wrangles within ZANU PF.

He explained the regime wanted to create an impression that the country is going to be ungovernable ‘as the MDC was training insurgents ready to destabilise the country,’ although no one buys that story anymore.

‘What we know obtaining on the ground at the moment is that there is a hell of a lot of infighting within ZANU PF, people are scrambling for power. They don’t trust each other and that is their own problem,’ Mutsekwa said.

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