Monday, January 26, 2009

Grace assaults UK photographer in Hong Kong last weeek

from SWRadioAfrica:

The Hong Kong based photographer said he was working on a story for the British newspaper, contrasting the different lifestyles between Mrs Mugabe and the Zimbabwe people, when the trouble started.

Jones said he tailed Robert Mugabe’s wife when she came out of her hotel and was walking towards a shopping centre. But she saw him trying to take photos. He said the First Lady and her body guard rushed towards him and tried to wrestle the camera away from him. “She was punching me in the face while he (the bodyguard) was holding me.”

Jones said he couldn’t understand what she was saying to him as she was ‘screaming’ at him in another language.

The incident is now being investigated by Hong Kong police. Jones reports the police are gathering evidence, including CCTV footage, and statements by appears that this time pressure is mounting from the international community to have this latest incident properly investigated.

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David Middleburgh said...

The alleged assault has exposed two other issues:
1) the fact that Bona Mugabe has been studying under an alias at hong Kong University since beginning of autumn 2008 and
2)that the away from home home of the Mugabes appears to be the Shangri La group of hotels in Hong kong , Singapore and malaya.

There is a call to action on my ( inviting people to contact the University faculty and students and the board and investors of Shangri-la to express your views - Spread the word !!

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