Friday, January 02, 2009

30,000 cholera patients in Zim

from Psyorg:

More than 30,000 people in Zimbabwe have been diagnosed with cholera, the World Health Organisation said Thursday, as the number of those contracting the deadly disease continues to mount.

As many as 31,656 suspected cases were diagnosed to date with one third of them in the capital of Harare, the WHO said.

The organisation last reported some 29,131 suspected cases on Monday and 1,564 deaths from the water-borne disease.

Cholera also continues to plague neighbouring South Africa, where it has killed 13 people, mainly in the Limpopo border region where nine people have died from a total of 1,334 suspected cases, the WHO said citing South African sources.

United Nations aid agencies fear Zimbabwe may be hit with up to 60,000 cases, with the upcoming rainy season likely to spread the disease more easily.,,,

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