Monday, January 19, 2009

Justice served: Taylor Jr. Gets 97 years

from African news portal:

Charles McArthur Emmanuel, the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, has been sentenced by a US court from Miami to 97 years in prison for torture. Taylor immediately announced he will appeal the decision. Taylor Junior, also known as Chuckie Taylor, was born in the United States but returned to Liberia after his father won the 1997 elections. He was then made the head of Anti-Terrorist Unit that is responsible for the loss of thousands of lives during the Sierra Leone civil which ended in 2002. Chuckie Taylor was found guilty on all accounts that include: committing of executions, imprisoning a group of individuals in a hole in the ground, burning victims and administering electric shocks. His father, Charles Taylor, is also facing the toughest accusations that can be brought to a president – crimes against humanities and war crimes – and is waiting for his trial to conclude at the Hague Court....

a warning to Mugabe and his thugs...on the other hand, note that this was a US court...the Hague hasn't gotten around to it yet...

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