Thursday, February 28, 2008

South Africa Internet

Nothing to do with Zim or the election, but I know that no country in the future will make it unless there is an internet for everyone.

From Project 2010 website:

Walter Wafula & Elias Biryabarema

The project is expected to be complete before 2010


AFRICA's dream to have faster and cheaper internet connections like the West is now closer to reality.

This follows the approval of the Kigali Protocol on policy and regulatory framework for development of the New Partnership for Africa's Development, Nepad's Information and Communication Technology Broadband Infrastructure Network (NBIN), by Malawi last week.

Malawi thus became the seventh country to ratify the protocol. Ratification by seven countries was the majority needed to bring the protocol into force. Other countries that have already ratified the protocol are: Lesotho, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
Broadband is a high-capacity internet line that transmits data, voice and video at great speeds. ....

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