Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trade unionist kidnapped

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has been informed that a number of activits from the Progressive Teachers Union (PTUZ), including general secretary, Raymond Majogwe were abducted this morning by Zanu PF youths and were reportedly taken to the party offices along fouth street were they are being tortured. Reports we are getting is that some of them may have been beaten seriously. All their telephones have been taken away from them.
The PTUZ, an affiliate of the ZCTU, was distributing flyers on the State of the education system in Zimbabwe and were demanding that authorities act on the collapse of the education system.
At the time of this writing, lawyers are trying to have access to them
Khumbulani Ndlovu (Ms)
Information Officer
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
P.O Box 3549
Harare, Zimbabwe

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