Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Simba Makoni joins presidential race

from swradioafrica
05 February 2008

Former finance minister Simba Makoni has made a spectacular u-turn by announcing he will contest the presidential elections in 52 days time....
The more optimistic analysts are pointing to the support Makoni seems to enjoy from retired general Solomon Mujuru and other senior, but retired, army generals. The view is that he might attract the support of the army and disgruntled Zanu PF members who will throw their weight behind him. Geoff Hill, a journalist and author of the book, ‘What happens After Mugabe,’ believes Makoni is more of a problem for Mugabe than Tsvangirai. Hill says Makoni will probably get support from Zanu PF supporters unhappy with Mugabe, while MDC members are unlikely to defect to him. He says the failure of the MDC to unite had given Makoni the encouragement to stand.

Makoni shot to prominence after heading the Southern African Development Community for almost 9 years as Executive Secretary. He served as the country’s deputy minister for Agriculture at independence in 1980, led the government owned Zimpapers group in 1994, before becoming finance minister in 2000. He resigned the post over policy differences with Mugabe...

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