Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Global Zim forum press release

from an email

RE: Forthcoming Zimbabwean Elections on 29th March
The Global Zimbabwe Forum would like to express its dire concern at the current state of the preparations for the forthcoming harmonized elections that are due to be held in Zimbabwe on 29th March 2008.
We would like as Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, to state in no uncertain terms our unequivocal stance on the following issues:
  1. The outcome of the forthcoming elections will be highly compromised by the fact that over three million eligible voters who are now living outside Zimbabwe will be excluded from participating in the process. We believe that the exclusion of the Diaspora vote is a fundamental flow that brings the credibility of the elections into question.
  1. We also note with concern the rather inconclusive nature of the SADC mediation process that was being led by President Thabo Mbeki. Should Zimbabweans expected more from this rather protracted process.
  1. We further call upon SADC and Africa in general to ensure that the elections are held in accordance with the expectations of the SADC Protocol on Elections that was adopted in Mauritius in August 2004.
  1. We urge all the interested political parties and independent candidates in the forthcoming elections to promote a spirit of peaceful election campaign process. Political violence must be condemned unconditionally.
  1. We endorse current efforts to mobilize some Zimbabweans in the Diaspora especially those living in the SADC region to return home and vote in the forthcoming elections.
  1. While we respect the individual members’ preferences of candidates of their own, we do not endorse any candidates in the elections since we are a politically non-partisan organization but urge the Zimbabwean electorate to vote for a candidate who will seek to promote the democratic ideals of Zimbabwe especially the interests of the diverse Diaspora community.
  1. We urge all Zimbabweans at home to go turn out in their numbers on 29th March and fully exercise their right to elect the leaders of their own choice.
Issued in Johannesburg on Monday 25th February 2008 by
Mr. Daniel Molokele
Telephone: +27729474815
Ms. Grace Kwinjeh
Telephone: +27794344508
Mr. Mandla-akhe Dube
Vice Chairperson
Telephone: +6421348288
Mr. Canaan Mhlanga
North America Region
Telephone: +7782373072
Mr. Simbarashe Chirimubwe
Rest of Africa Region
Telephone: +267-71910712
Mr. Promise Mkwananzi
Europe Region
Telephone: +31612697629
Mr. Luke Zunga
South Africa Region
Telephone: +27835281561
Prof. Stan Mukasa
North America Region
Telephone: +724 467 0001

Mr. Daniel Molokele
South Africa
Cell. +27 72 947 4815
Website. http://danielmolokele.blogspot.com

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