Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mugabe to grab 1500 farms from black owners

Zim daily reports:

HARARE - In a rare acceptance of failure the Zimbabwean Government is set to repossess over 1500 unproductive farms around the country after it emerged that the country was not likely to receive the bumper harvest as expected....

The situation has been brought about by the insistence of senior government officials who have been accusing Mutasa of dishing out farms undeserving people,” said the source.

The 2007/2008 farming season has been hailed as the “mother” of all seasons with the government promising a starving nation of a bumper harvest.

Mugabe’s regime has since failed to mobilise enough resources to ensure a bumper harvest and the latest move is seen as a preemptive tactic to be used as a scapegoat for failure.

“Most of these farmers were given land with the promise of assistance by government but that has not been the case. Inputs were slow in reaching the intended beneficiaries with some never getting their hands on the so-called assistance because of corruption.

Those who did get assistance like subsidised fuel are being accused of selling it on the thriving black market,” said the source.

Scarce inputs have been a major hindrance during this farming season with necessities such as fertiliser only available on the black market. Corruption has also plagued Operation Maguta through which government wanted to prop up an ailing agricultural sector....

With the farming season drawing to a close and an election looming government has already set the wheels in motion for yet another propaganda campaign. The regime’s spin doctors are already lamenting the incessant rains as cause for a poor harvest...

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