Saturday, September 15, 2007

World Cup and Zimbabwe

One reason Mugabe can get away with it is because South Africa's president Mbeki is keeping him in power (via money and political support). However, the world cup is being held in South Africa in 2010, and thousands of sports fans will go there to see the games and to visit that beautiful country.
The problem is that right next door will be a country run by a murderous president that has ruined the economy and caused thousands to flee to South Africa and elsewhere in order to live.

Mbeki has the power to pressure Mugabe into resigning or at least not to re run for election, but refuses to do so. Maybe sports fans could help.

Rev. Hove has a petition up on his blog to have sports fans pressure South Africa to stop supporting Mugabe.

Similar threats of boycotts to the Olympics in China have contributed to the Chinese pressuring the Sudan to make peace with Dafur, so come on, sports fans, sign a petition.

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