Saturday, September 15, 2007

Uganda and central african report

The link is a long analysis of Central Africa, and the need for redevelopment of that region...but security is the main problem. I post it partly to show that Mugabe is terrible, but anarchy and civil war would be worse....

The long porous border separating Uganda from Kenya and South Sudan offers a big challenge in resolving what stands out as a regional problem that requires coordination from regional governments. Over 40, 000 guns are estimated to be in Uganda alone but a porous and insufficiently guarded border and the lack of government controls in Sudan and Kenya means an in-flow of more guns makes it worse. Kenya is a major transit route for guns from Somalia.

‘’The issue is within a regional context and requires a regional solution,’’ agreed Lokech. Apparently, there has been very little if any disarmament in Kenya. Yet, across the border in Kenya are found other illegally armed tribes posing an equal threat to regional security. The Dinka and Toposa tribes also bring in guns ‘unchecked’ from South Sudan into Uganda. South Sudan is still recovering from decades of war and it will take much more time and effort to consolidate its southerly security.

Though road ambushes have reduced in the past months, UPDF is still fighting cattle raiders and it is still impossible to give a time frame to the end of insecurity. The reality on the ground, given that no significant efforts are made in neighboring affected countries points to a dilemma for Uganda.

‘’You can’t solve this problem in a short time given the Kenya and Sudan factor,’’ admitted Lokech ‘’we are pushing it to IGAD [the Intergovernmental Authority on Development is a regional organization] level’’ the Ugandan army, nonetheless is determined to accomplish its mission in the region....

The Kenyan factor is of paramount importance, there is no disarmament in Kenya and unlike in Uganda where the army is involved, Kenya’s authorities are yet to look at the issue at border more seriously. In Kenya the security issue is police work and the army only engages in serious external threats. Also important to note is that this being an election year in Kenya, it means nothing much is expected from high Kenyan political levels of government to influence regional security.....

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