Saturday, September 01, 2007

The ten most dangerous professions in Zimbabwe

Link too long to's an excerpt:

6. At number 6 are Doctors. Just like lawyers above, harassment and threatening doctors gathered pace in March after the violent crackdown on opposition activists where three activists died. Douglas Gwatidzo, a shy general practitioner who specializes in emergency care at Avenues Clinic in
Harare, has been at the forefront of Doctors targeted by Mugabe's government for treating MDC patients. Gwatidzo is also The Chairman of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, he witnessed harassment of doctors first hand when he treated victims of Mugabe's crackdown on opposition in March this year. Each patient was guarded by two armed riot police officers, Gwatidzo said, and they insisted on entering the cubicle where Tsvangirai was being treated. "They were very aggressive and threatening, and demanded to be present during medical examination," Gwatidzo recalled. But the doctor said no. "I will not examine any patient under duress," he told them. "If you truly believe he can disappear, you can take me instead." The police relented, though tensions at the clinic remained high as more than 133 policemen carrying batons, pistols and shields packed an emergency room filled with the battered protesters. Doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to practice.

5)At number 5 is membership to WOZA Activists belonging Women of Zimbabwe Arise most of them mothers with babies strapped on their backs while they protest have been the arrested, beaten, tortured countless number of times. Recently some of the 19 members were arrested while playing netball. You can read extensively here about their numerous runs in with the
Zimbabwe's bloodthirsty police.

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