Saturday, September 01, 2007

to err is human, but...


Most governments, whether they are democratic or given to riding roughshod over the people are not inclined to apologise to the people for their mistakes.

This is because, perhaps, they believe the people will exact a heavy price for their mistakes – at the next election or, in the case of totalitarian regimes or dictatorships, through a coup or some other such bloody act of retribution.

There have been many jokes told of the government’s price blitz. One closest to my heart argues that it is the government which should be slashed, to either half its size or to nothing – which would entail a general election, harmonized or not.

Not many Zimbabweans I have spoken to expected an apology from the government. After more than two months of terrorizing both the private sector and ordinary, law-abiding and peace-loving citizens, the government decided to drop everything and restore sanity to the price jungle.

How many people lost heir jobs, their wives and husbands and children or even their lives as a result of the government’s wild exercise to garner votes for Zanu PF in 2008 elections will probably never be disclosed – not by the government, anyway.

If they didn’t disclose the terrible statistics in the aftermath of Murambatsvina, why would we expect them to act differently this time?/......"

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