Friday, September 14, 2007

Mugabe's dirty trick campaign

Last Updated: Thursday, 13 September 2007, 07:30 GMT 08:30 UK
Zimbabwe's dirty tricks brigade
By Joseph Winter
BBC News

Bishop Pius Ncube (file photo)
Archbishop Ncube - many believe he was a victim of CIO agents
Pius Ncube is widely believed in Zimbabwe to be the latest victim of dirty tricks by the feared Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Bishop Ncube, who has just resigned as the Archbishop of Bulawayo, has been a vocal critic of the government.

In July this year, he called for foreign intervention to remove President Robert Mugabe.

A week later, he called the president a "megalomaniac, a bully and a murderer".

Barely two weeks after that, state media gleefully published photos - allegedly of Bishop Ncube in bed with a married woman.

check out link for other dirty tricks....


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