Friday, January 08, 2010

Nestle and Grace, take four

First Nestle bought "blood milk" from a farm that Grace confiscated.

Then they were caught and pressured by human rights types in Europe, and refused to buy any milk

Then the government sent thugs to pressure them to buy the milk.

Now the question is if they are buying milk on the sly?

From The ZimbabweMail:

HARARE - Zimbabwe Industry and Commerce Minister Welshman Ncube brokered a deal forcing Nestlé to buy milk from Grace Mugabe's Gushungo Farm through a Third Party who is closely connected to Zanu PF, we can reveal.

Nestlé spokeswoman Brinda Chiniah said Industry Minister Welshman Ncube provided the multinational with a written guarantee that the government will ensure staff security and prevent interference in Nestlé's activities.

On Tuesday the Minister also repeated his blame on Western media saying that the high-profile dispute between Swiss-based Nestlé's operating unit in the country and a business controlled by the family of Robert Mugabe was "blown out of proportion by Western media."

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