Saturday, January 16, 2010

Agricultural theft?

from the African Executive:

...The Middle East is full of oil but lacks good agricultural land. Having made a lot of money from oil, Arabs are now buying fertile land in Africa through the now sitting presidents or governments and are paying the corrupt regimes a lot of money at a time when real Africans (who should benefit from the land) are dying from hunger and poverty.

African elites, who should know better are blind. Some have started to import maize from USA, Brazil and other countries for sell in the African market. These middle class Africans (who are killing the homegrown market) are the same elements spreading false propaganda that African goods are being barred from European markets; Europeans are subsidising their farmers and that African farmers are finding it hard to compete hence need fair trade.

The Chinese or Koreans who buy land in Africa do so because they are already over populated and their home land is not enough to cater for their population. By buying land in Africa, they are not only looking for food but also for land to live in.

Africans should probe these developments as they might be too late to solve in future....

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