Saturday, January 16, 2010

Africa can learn from Afghanistan

also from the African Executive:

...Afghanistan, a war-torn country, has made an indelible mark on democracy. Its parliament unanimously turned down 17 out of President Hamid Karzai’s 24 nominees for his cabinet. Instead of seeing a conga-line of MPs supporting the president’s choice, the world witnessed the rejection of Afghanistan president’s sacred cows! What a precedent for Africa to ape!...

In the Gambia, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries the situation is the same. Parliaments are used as napkins by rulers to clean their mess at the peril of hoi polloi.

"I think, unfortunately, that the criterion used was either ethnicity or bribery or money," MP Fawzia Kufi said, in remarks quoted by AP news agency.

To the contrary, in Tanzania’s cabinet, there are five ministers and many MPs alleged to have forged their degrees not to mention many more that are alleged to be nominated just because they are closer to the president. Other countless are alleged to have big hand in various thievish privatization scandals dogging this country....

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