Monday, January 04, 2010

Is Zim ready for a female president?

From Africalegalbrief:


It has now become common practice to refer to Amai Joyce Mujuru as the "first" co-vice president of ZANU PF and of the republic Zimbabwe and Mr John Nkomo as the "second" co-vice president of ZANU PF and of the republic of Zimbabwe. Under the agreement of a government of national unity (GNU) currently in place in Zimbabwe, between ZANU PF lead by president Robert Mugabe, MDC-T lead by the Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-M lead by Deputy Prime minister Professor Arthur Mutambara, section 20, subsection 1.6 of the agreement signed in Harare under the supervision and guarantor ship of SADC spells out the composition of the executive within this government of national unity as follows:

that there shall be a President, which office shall continue to be occupied by President Robert Mugabe. There shall be two vice presidents who shall be nominated by the President or ZANU PF. That there shall be a Prime Minister, which office shall be occupied by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and that there shall be two deputy Prime Ministers, one from MDC-T and the other from MDC-M.(clause 20.1.4)

And In the event of any vacancy arising in respect of posts referred to in clauses 20.1.6 and 20.1.7(b) above, such vacancy shall be filled by a nominee of the Party which held that position prior to the vacancy arising. ...

I am not familiar with the lady,
our lovely president Gloria Arroyo here in the Philippines has shown that a woman president can be just as guilty of looking the other way when her cronies steal and perpetuate political it's not the gender it's the person that counts.

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