Friday, January 08, 2010

A constitution making road map

From the ZimbabweMail:

Local and donor resources have been pledged to ensure the successfull implementation of the consulation exercise in Zimbabwe in the next 65 days or so. The chairperson of the Commission indicated that consultations with people in the Diaspora will also be done and interest groups have shown willingness to meet travel costs for this exercise.

It is estimated that at least 4 million Zimbabweans are residing abroad all over the World, and hence the need to ensure a clear outreach strategy is adopted that will not disenfrachise the views of the majority of these Zimbabweans.

The challenges are on Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to ensure that there is some accreditation criteria for groups which may purport to represent them. This consultation is aimed at Zimbabweans irrespective of immigration status and as such there should be a way of ensruing that undocumented migrants views are taken on board, as these may be crucial in ensuring the credibility of views....

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