Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meetings with Obama administration, IMF bear fruit

From the Harare Tribune:

In an address to partcipants to National Endowment for Democracy forum, Biti said that although he didn't expect immediate results in terms of aid money following his meetings with US State Dept, National Security Council and Treasury Dept. officials Monday, in the long run, the meetings would bear fruits for Zimbabwe.

"It was a historic meeting, the first time that the Zimbabwe government has engaged directly with the US goverment," Biti said. "The meeting touched on several issues with the US government raising concerns on farm invasions, political detentetions and other GPA toxic issues like Gono's tenure."

Biti has been in Washington D.C. where, with the help of SADC ministers, he was expected to convince the Obama Administration that now was the time to support the inclusive government with financial aid. The inclusive government has said it requires US$10 billion to recover from decades of economic ruination by ZANU-PF.

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