Sunday, April 05, 2009

29,000 youth militia being paid by the state

from SWRadioAfrica:

...A new dimension to the issue erupted with revelations that up to 14 000 youths are still being listed under the Public Service Ministry, while another 15 000 fall under the Women’s Affairs Ministry. This brings the total number on the payroll to an astonishing 29 000. Kasukuwere’s answer in parliament was dismissed as unconvincing, after he claimed they were Youth Officers employed to work in different wards around the country.

With monthly allowances for civil servants pegged at US$100 it means nearly three million US dollars is being spent on paying youths whose only mandate was to terrorize opposition activists....

on the other hand, if they just stop paying them and tell them to go home, many will turn to crime (which is what happened when the Iraqi Army dispersed without formal surrender, and the US refused to continue their wages, leading to anarchy).

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