Monday, April 27, 2009

Internet abuse by the diaspora

from the Zimbabwe Mail:

OPINION - There are some Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who are abusing the privilege of having easy and unlimited access to the internet.

The abuse is taking varying forms which include among others; the groundless slander through malicious postings on Zimbabwean news websites/articles, the launching and trading of scathing insults on undeserving Zimbabwean characters, the reproduction of unfounded rumors and also the making of false claims, such as even purporting to be or have been in love with certain personalities, such as female writers, protest singers, politicians, poets....

Attributes that are befitting to describe the perpetrators are; they are not only very shallow minded, but silly and stupid too. Would one be wrong to read through them, some kind of desperation and frustration too? Desperation to thwart the gradual flowing in of freedom in Zimbabwe? Freedom, which knows no gender, race, political affiliation.

When the perpetrators feature as men, to attack a female in her works, one can conclude that they are male chauvinists who are sadly so, still living by the old mentality and thinking that the woman's place is nowhere other than the kitchen, and also in the bathroom corner where she changes the diaper

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