Saturday, April 11, 2009

Violent clashes break up youth summit

from SWRadioAfrica

But according to delegates problems erupted during the feedback stage of the conference, over the sensitive issue of national healing and reconciliation.

...the ZANU PF youth, guilty of most of the violence, not surprisingly think people should just move on and forgive each other....

The debate became violent, leading to clashes and the destruction of hotel property in the presence of Minister Kasukuwere, his Deputy and Patrick Zhuwawo, the ZANU PF National Director of Youth.

The ZINASU legal affairs secretary alleges the clashes were started by the ZANU PF youths who started throwing water glasses at their President Clever Bere. This angered his colleagues and fists fights began. Ngwarai said a sizeable amount of hotel property was damaged during the fracas. Ngwarai alleges that Minister Kasukuwere never left his seat and just watched during the time the youths were exchanging blows.

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