Saturday, April 08, 2006

Zim: Gov't Spooks to run economy

N an implicit recognition of the deteriorating economic crisis, government has established emergency sub-committees under the shadowy Cuban-style Zimbabwe National Security Council (ZNSC) to run the economy as part of measures to arrest a worsening meltdown.

Official documents reveal that the state security establishment will run the economy as it cross-cuts the emergency sub-committees that have been set up to perform a rescue operation.

This confirms the view that the Central Intelligence Organisation and the Joint Operations Command which comprises the intelligence service, army, police, prisons and registrar-general's office, now effectively run the country and are involved in a gamut of issues from security to the economy.

Government bureaucracy is already heavily militarised.

The Cuban economy is run by a Council of State assisted by committees, although the government has devolved some authority to ministries and enterprises in recent years.

The move, sources said, exposes growing desperation within government over the deteriorating economic crisis.

Observers said this week the latest development validates the view of a growing police state in Zimbabwe run by the security apparatus.

The command economy, they said, will become more entrenched again as shown by the return of price controls this week.

The ZNSC, chaired by President Mugabe, and the existence of which was first revealed in this newspaper, instructed chief secretary to the president and cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, at a meeting on March 17 "to establish sub-committees that will provide technical inputs covering various structural and sectoral issues".

Sibanda is also chairman of the newly set up Technical Committee of Experts which will coordinate activities of the ZNSC, a key part of the recently established National Economic Development Priority Plan.

The Sibanda team duly formed its taskforces under the National Economic Recovery Committee (NERC) at a meeting held on March 20.

There have been numerous economic recovery plans, all of which have failed....

Yup...copy Cuba as an example...
If you don't speak Spanish, HERE is a discussion about the problem:

In yet another measure to curb the Cuban creativity and innate capitalist nature, the Cuban government has prohibited the transport of pigs from HolguĂ­n into Havana. Why? Well to avoid Cubans re-selling the pork! God forbid they actually make a profit, and have money to then buy food!

However, the measure seems to have backfired as now the price of pork has sky rocketed to 25 Cuban pesos a pound ready to use and to 17 Cuban pesos the raw pound. Keep in mind a months salary for a typical Cuban is somewhere between 100-200 pesos...

But there is a catch, you can buy the pork if you can find it!. Cubans are unhappy with the new measures since they are upset with the governments inability to stock up food for sale....

If you eliminate "contraband" food, it seems we have one malnourished nation. But who cares? After all they are still selling those energy efficient rice cookers, and pots like there wasn't a problem. When the real problem is about food and the freedom to obtain it.

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