Monday, April 24, 2006

Mugabe's killing machine

The blogger, in honor of earthday, blasts Mugabe for his new Mercedes Benz...

LINK2 has a photo of his fancy new car...and more details...

Mugabe’s luxury Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullmann arrived in Zimbabwe via South Africa, after it was custom built to his specifications in Germany.

According to the Zimbabwe Standard, the vice-presidents and speaker will have to be satisfied with Mercedes-Benz S320 models.

The cost of Mugabe’s vehicle is difficult to calculate. A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Shirle Greig, said on Tuesday it was a personal transaction of which the details were extremely confidential.

She confirmed the car had arrived in South Africa by ship and was taken to Harare on a special truck. The German company, Cloer, armour-plated the vehicle to the highest possible specifications, a B7 Dragunov standard.

According to Grieg, the Zimbabwean government negotiated directly with Cloer for the luxury vehicles. Mugabe’s car’s floor, roof, windows and petrol tank have been specially reinforced, as the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle....

When Mugabe’s car was delivered last week, it apparently was taken immediately to the nearest garage to check for listening devices.

Bob’s such an enviromentalist- he’s saving all the wildlife from becoming roadkill and the population choking on fumes by using every last litre of benzina in the whole country himself- why someone so popular needs a heavily armoured hunwagen to traverse his domain and wave at the happy, smiling populace is a little beyond me.

Mind you though, it’s not as if this bastion of centralised planning and shining example of the wonders of tribal primitives adopting unfettered marxism can’t afford it- the fearless leader of the best example of a colonial fiefdom turned worker’s paradise is surely entitled to a little self-indulgence, and I’m sure the beneficiaries of the regeime’s success and largesse would have to agree.

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