Saturday, April 08, 2006

Critics doubt Zim gov't sincere in implementing human rights

...Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe national director Alouis Chaumba said government wants to portray an image of compliance with international standards but without sincerity. ...

"Although a human rights commission is urgently required in Zimbabwe, to introduce it in the form of an 18th patch on Zimbabwe's tattered, torn, and shabby constitution, is in itself a mockery of the noble concept of human rights protection," NCA spokesperson Jessie Majome said in a statement. She said to establish a commission under the current constitution would be a futile exercise.

"What use will the commission be when the declaration of rights in the same constitution is so narrow and shallow as to give rights with the left hand and claw them back with the right hand - hence the flourishing of fascist laws such as the notorious Posa and Aippa?" Majome said....

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