Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tanzanian President supports Mugabe

In a clear indication that the country’s leadership change had not affected the historic relations with southern African countries, President Jakaya Kikwete supported President Robert Mugabe’s land reform policy.

Addressing top government officials and high-ranking government officials at a dinner hosted by President Mugabe at the Bulawayo State House on Thursday night, President Kikwete said Tanzania supported African countries that are struggling to rebuild their economies.

’’We will continue to propagate the philosophy that political freedom becomes meaningful only if we can make decisions freely without being pushed or interfered with by foreign countries,’’ he stressed.

He also praised President Mugabe for his firm anti-neo-colonialism stand, saying the freedom that Zimbabweans fought for would otherwise be meaningless.

’’As we speak today, Mr President, we can say those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the betterment of other people during Chimurenga and independence struggle did not do so for nothing.’’

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